Adam West RIP

Adam West, the original TV Batman, has died.

His natal chart is below.

I am not sure of the Sag. Rising sign, though if this chart is accurate, then a career in the performing arts fits.

He had a Libra MC, and as Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, it’s about controlling the dialogue, and ensuring guidance in communications. Venus was in his 10th house, reinforcing the arts or an appreciation for aesthetic content in his career.

He also had numerous ninth house planets, lending to higher truth or justice. This is pertinent for an actor, as he looked to make good use of these planets by looking into characters and related points.

He also had Uranus in the 5th trine his AC, so heightened creativity is a boon for any artist.

To reiterate, I’m not sure if this chart is accurate or not. Though it does explain why he became an actor of note.


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