May/Corbyn…UK General Election analysis 2017

Opus UK election career reading


Well the results are below:

party seats gain loss net votes share (%) change (%)
Conservative 318 20 33 -13 13,667,231 42.45 +5.52
Labour 262 37 5 32 12,874,284 39.99 +9.54
Scottish National Party 35 1 20 -19 977,568 3.04 -1.7
Liberal Democrat 12 8 5 3 2,371,762 7.37 -0.5
Democratic Unionist Party 10 2 0 2 292,316 0.91 +0.31
Sinn Féin 7 3 0 3 238,915 0.74 +0.17
Plaid Cymru 4 1 0 1 164,466 0.51 -0.08
Green 1 0 0 0 525,371 1.63 -2.14
Ind 1 0 4 -4 145,375 0.45 +0.13
Ulster Unionist Party 0 0 2 -2 83,280 0.26 -0.11
Social Democratic and Labour Party 0 0 3 -3 95,419 0.3 -0.03
UK Independence Party 0 0 0 0 593,852 1.84 -10.8
Other 0 0 0 0 166,385 0.52 -0.3



On election day, both the PM, Mrs. May, and the Leader of the Labour Party, Mr. Corbyn, had the following aspects:


PM’s natal chart


corbyn natal chart
Jeremy Corbyn’s natal chart



We can see that both held many positive transits, notably numerous trines to Jupiter for Corbyn.

Both certainly would have felt confident going into the election.

The results also noted the transits, or at least reflected them.


Mrs. May


The PM’s current transits are characterised by Jupiter in Libra, and near some of her personal planets, in which the concepts of negotiation, balance, co-operation and communication are enhanced (sound familiar of a prominent current event?)

It’s apparent that she would have a reasonable showing in the election and technically has “won” it by being the leader of the largest party. However, without an absolute majority, the need for co-operation and dialogue are reinforced, both with a potential alliance with the Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland, and within those in her own party that want her to resign or either moderate her leadership style. She also needs to negotiate with the EU, as she had triggered Article 50 a few months ago, leading to two years of negotiations to forge a new trading and economic arrangement between the UK and EU.


Mr. Corbyn


With the trines to his personal planets, he must be feeling very pleased, proud, and elated that he did better than anticipated. He has managed to quell unrest in his party, and had attained the highest vote total for Labour in over a decade.

His future looks relatively bright, as he is clearly being inspired by his strong transits.

The slower moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all reflect long-term life patterns. Currently, they are all in good aspects with his personal planets, and will be for several years to come. Thus, he is in essentially a good place in his life, and in career terms as a politician.

Can he become PM? Possibly. Though he should make the most of his positive transits to ensure a strong showing in the electorate.

The election thus was deservedly close, though I do believe both can look forward to positive things vocationally. For Mrs. May, this is:

  • Jupiter will meet Neptune soon, leading to a new insight, belief, policy, or direction.
  • Uranus will meet Pluto in two years, possibly a positive change in belief or policy. Maybe the Brexit negotiation will be positive, or she will gain seats in another election or via by-elections.
  • Neptune is trine her Sun, meaning she will feel personally inspired for a while to come.
  • Pluto is trine her Jupiter, leading to positive shifts in her goals and ambitions. This may have included becoming PM, and now will required to handle a potential coalition and negotiating with the EU.

For Mr. Corbyn:

  • Jupiter conjunct Neptune (stronger ideas and beliefs) and trine Sun, Venus, and Mercury (ambition, connection, relatability, and communication all expanded)
  • Saturn trine Saturn (obligation and sense of duty)
  • Uranus conjunct North Node in Aries (strong feelings to fight for his beliefs and promote his vision as a politician)
  • Pluto trine Moon and Mercury (changes in emotions and communication of his beliefs/visions)

Both will be feeling reasonable strong in the coming years, despite May losing some face in her not getting a strong majority.

Certainly both are reaching their prominence in a vocational sense, and with good transits currently and in the coming years, will be prone to work on these for their own benefits.

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